Keith Carlson : Chief Technology Officer

Keith Carlson

Chief Technology Officer

Keith Carlson, Chief Technology Officer, has over 15 years of experience building and architecting information systems in the commercial and government business sectors. He currently acts as Technical Director for Novim, a non-profit whose mission is to provide clear scientific options to the most urgent problems facing mankind, while explaining the probable costs and possible consequences of each course of action. Preceding this, he was director of Information Technology at FRS. His earlier experience was as Chief Technology Officer for Phase2e, Inc., an Internet consulting company to Fortune 500 and government organizations, including the US Postal Service, DynCorp, Visa, Citigroup and State Street Bank. Phase2e's specific market focus was financial services organizations, including the Internet banking sector. Prior to Phase2e, he was Chief Internet Officer for CMS Information Systems, which is now part of CACI.

Eric Valinsky : Chief Architect

Eric Valinsky

Chief Architect

A pioneer of Internet applications, Dr. Valinsky, Chief Architect, accomplished groundbreaking work in dynamic content, template parsers, personalization, on-line interaction, and security for Fortune 500 companies while at Media Circus, Buoyant, and Spiral Media. In the dual role of Senior Technical Director and Director of Technology Strategy at AGENCY.COM, he focused on opportunities to add value to commercial Web sites through the integration of legacy information and customer relations. More recently, he consulted as a partner of Plainwrap Solutions. He is also a consummate musician and composer and has significant experience with non-profit organizations.

Suzanne Verba-Hopkins : Consulting Art Director

Suzanne Verba-Hopkins

Consulting Art Director

Suzanne Verba-Hopkins, Art Director, has over two decades of agency and corporate experience in package design and marketing material development. She has partnered with marketing and sales teams to help create innovative product/service designs that raise brand awareness. Best of all, she understands what is needed to motivate potential customers. The flexibility of form factor needed for these projects has led her to create modular Web sites that are easily adaptable to mobile devices of every size and format. In addition to Web design for Inlineos LLC, Suzanne continues her work in graphic design through her own company, Fine Design.