Bringing Organizations Online

We will build your business online, whether a store, a service, a promotion, a non-profit, or an entirely online enterprise.

  • Our business experts will work with you to develop or enhance your online business strategy.
  • Our designers will develop a stunning design that accurately reflects the personality of your business and provides for the comfort of your customers.
  • Our developers use industry standard open source technology to keep your costs down and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Our integrators will hook your online business into social media, email, and, most importantly, your accounting system.

Since 2008…

Inlineos has brought dozens of businesses online. We are experts in online business strategy, web design and development, eCommerce, financial system integration, and online and email marketing. We will build you a state-of-the-art website focused on your business objectives. We will get your customers to that site, and make sure they can easily do what they came to do, so they will buy or donate, return, and recommend. Our current sites work well on all devices from smartphones to large desktops. We work smart, with low overhead, and we pass the savings on to you. And we offer discount rates for non-profit organizations.

Website Building

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We believe that your website is the most influential public face of your business. We will build you a site that reflects your mission and your business goals and that makes your customers feel at home.

At Inlineos, we believe that our clients should own and control everything related to their digital assets. You will have full access to your site and to your content. In fact, one of our most common tasks when we are starting up a new client is reclaiming all of their assets, credentials, domains registrations, etc. from previous vendors. We recommend building the site in WordPress, probably the most flexible platform today for site building and integration with your back end or other services.

We offer fully managed hosting for your WordPress website at Liquid Web, one of the fastest, safest, most reliable web hosting services. We have additional solutions for other Web platforms.


Your website is an extension of your business. It can also bring revenue into your business via direct online sales. Using low-cost open source components, we will design and build an online store that reflects the nature and personality of your business. We build reliable, secure solutions that will provide a pleasant and fulfilling experience to your customers so they will return and recommend your store. If desired, we will integrate your site with back-end CRM and accounting systems.

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Mobile Retrofit

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If you like the design of your current site but need to adapt it to today’s technology, we can help you. We will develop a low-cost adaptation of your design that will resize to look good on all modern screen sizes, including laptops, smart phones, and tablets. We will replace outmoded platforms like Flash so that your site can be viewed on Apple devices and we will add content management so you can keep your sites up to date.


We are experienced with the needs of non-profits, having served on several boards of directors. We will set up online donations and membership, connect you with non-profit services, such as TechSoup, Google Non-profit, Guidestar, and, and build exclusive online areas for your members or donors. We offer a discount rate for non-profits on site building, hosting, and maintenance.

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Web Marketing

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We will bring customers to your site and help you retain them through email marketing, social media, SEO services, and CRM. We develop banners and banner campaigns and can manage banner insertions. We have experience running major marketing campaigns with large monthly ad budgets as well as helping clients with their smaller needs. We handle ongoing re-marketing, special offers, autoresponder emails, automated customer retention programs, website subscription solutions, autoship and continuity programs.