Bordo Crossings (Susan Bordo)

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Susan Bordo is recognized as one of the greatest woman philosophers in history. In recent years, she has centered on the effects of media on our perception of society, of our relationships, and of our own bodies. During her illustrious career, Susan has produced a wealth of books, published articles, essays, interviews, lectures, and reviews. We wanted the upgrade of her site, Bordo Crossings, to make these information sources easily available and to center them around her beautifully written and provocative books.

To do this, we made use of WordPress’s object-oriented features such as custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom queries. One of the taxonomies, “book-reference” ties all information on the site to one or more books. If you go to a book page on the site, you can see all the related information to that book on that page or the associated “Extras” page. Similarly, if you go to an article page or post, you will see a link to the associated book.

We are also proud of the innovative About page, which is a captioned photo collage.

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