Escapade Vacation Rentals

Sector: Real Estate

Escapade Vacation Rentals creates a memorable retreat by providing a vacation home that is clean, well-equipped, and located in an inspirational place where people will want to return year after year.

The original site was developed using a fixed-size format that looked fine on certain screens but was unresponsive to device and window sizes. In particular, the site was difficult to read on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The client wished to retain the original design for the site. We applied a retrofit, keeping the original design elements but opening them up for responsiveness. We developed the new site in WordPress to facilitate client-side maintenance using a SASS version of Bootstrap for the stylesheets. Using a compiled stylesheet made it easy to institute global changes to the site appearance. While we were at it, we gave various site sections a facelift, including the galleries and weather report.

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