The Carey Group

Sector: Real Estate

Established in 1979, The Carey Group, Inc. specializes in new homes and self storage centers. They hold professional credentials in architecture and planning, general contracting and real estate brokerage as well. We have received numerous awards including Builder of the Year twice and the Better Homes and Garden Award. The Carey Group is also actively involved in numerous civic and national organizations.

Inlineos hosts and manages Web marketing for three sites for The Carey Group, including The Carey Group itself and it’s two storage locations, Patterson 101 Storage and Patterson Self Storage.

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Recently, Inlineos LLC gave the twin Patterson sites a major overhaul. The design was given a facelift and its behavior on mobile devices was improved. Most importantly, it was much too difficult to update the site, for example if there were a sale or price change. For example, one small change needed to be implemented in 48 different places on each of the two sites and took hours to accomplish. Inlineos employed its techniques of object development within WordPress to encapsulate all data about a storage unit in one place. Now, any changes need only to be made in one place, a significant savings of time and effort.

Patterson Self Storage

Patterson Plus Storage